KLA-Tencor先進的探針式台階儀-|陈大伟博客,可精確測量納米級至2毫米台階高度|-亿彩官网,並可分析薄膜表麵粗糙度||桃花潭水深千尺 不及汪伦送我情的我是谁、波紋度__|圣元金币优惠多联盟、應力_|南海事件,集高測量精度||_怎样开店、多功能性和經濟性於一體|_-小时代快乐大本营,是生產線及材料分析等應用領域的理想選擇_-黄河电视台直播。因其具有6.0A (1σ)或0.1%台階高度重複性以及亞埃級的分辨率,是目前商業化儀器裏(經市場驗證)最高精度的台階儀產品--123高手彩票预测。

D係列台階儀-_霞飞路:Alpha-Step D-600 Stylus Profiler
   KLA-Tencor  AlphaStep輪廓儀配置自動台-八一八数据电视剧,采用了新型光學反射探測係統來測量高度_-|我的心怎么了,同時應用電磁力控製探針壓力-_长泰网,能有效的實現超微力和低慣量 _-赢咖娱乐。這些創新型使表麵輪廓儀能夠無傷測量軟薄膜樣品_-|七年级数学下册期末试卷。

The Alpha-Step? D-600 offers high resolution 2D & 3D pro?ling, 2D stress, pro?le stitching, and many more features in an easy-to-use platform with the best price-to-performance available in the market. The D-600 system includes an innovative optical lever sensor technology that provides the highest vertical range at 1200 μm, sub-Angstrom resolution plus low force, 0.03 to 15 mg. The ability to measure a wide range of applications, from nanometer to millimeter steps, high resolution roughness, soft materials, and thin ?lm stress enables the D-600 to serve various industries in research and development and production environments.


The D-600 includes a 200 mm motorized stage, with 150 x 178 mm X-Y range of motion. The new sequencing software features manual deskew alignment and programming up to 1000 locations on a sample. The system features advanced optics, a high resolution 5 MP camera with a 4x digital zoom and enhanced video controls for highly versatile sample visualization.



The D-600 is capable of addressing a wide range of measurements and applications:

?  Precision step height

?  Surface form, bow

?  Surface texture

?  Material acterizations

?  Thin ?lm stress

?  3D scanning


The D-600 stylus pro?lers provide a wide range of application speci?c capabilities, meeting the needs of the research, engineering, and production communities.

Stylus Pro?ling

The 200 mm sample stage supports scan lengths up to 55 mm in a single scan and up to 200 mm utilizing the stitching function. The D-600 provides the highest vertical range at 1200 μm and low force sensor technology at 0.03 mg, ensuring scan precision on an array of applications, including thin ?lms, soft materials, tall steps,

bow, and stress.


High Resolution Camera

The D-600 features advanced optics that includes a high resolution 5 MP color camera with 4x digital zoom and enhanced lighting controls.

Keystone Correction

New keystone correction software automatically removes video view sample distortion due to the angled optics.

Arc Correction

New arc correction software removes arc motion error during scanning, improving accuracy for sidewall angles and step width measurements.

3D Scanning & 2D Stress (optional)

3D scanning produces photo-realistic surfaces, enabling detailed surface topography analysis of step height, texture, and sample form. 2D stress utilizes Stoney’s Equation and changes in sample bow, before and after processing,to calculate thin ?lm stress.

Step Height Repeatability

A sub-Angstrom resolution, optical lever sensor translates into the most repeatable low mass, low noise sensor design. This enables step height repeatability of 5 ? on a 1 μm step for demanding process needs.

Intuitive User Interface

New, simpli?ed recipe creation enables quick setup of 3D scans, sequencing for multiple site measurements, sequence alignment reference points, and automated stitching for ?lm stress.

Recipe and system hardware controls are shown in the same display for quick sample positioning and measurement.Raw data is saved, enabling data re-analysis without the need for new measurements.

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