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SHNTI is a company that provides Products and Services for Research and Development (R&D) and specifically in the field of Micro-Nano Instruments and its accessories. SHNTI has been working in the Micro-Nano Technology since 2009 and provides a satisfactory service to the customers. Our product line can be divided into following five parts: micro-nano fabrication instruments, micro-nano acterization instruments, micro-nano accessories, micro-nano fabrication services and auxiliary devices. We have different sales agent in different parts of China to cover the whole Mainland.


Firstly, our sales are involved with micro-nano fabrication instruments
Nano Imprint lithography (NIL), High Resolution UV-lithography, Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD), Etch device (RIE and ICP).


Secondly, our sales are involved with micro-nano acterization instruments
AFM/SNOM with Confocal Raman, Micro-Nano mechanical measurement and manipulation, Probe Station, Stylus Profilers, Desktop SEM


Thirdly, our sales are involved with micro-nano accessories
AFM/SNOM probe, Silicon Nitride film window for TEM/XRM/Syn otron Radiation and so on. We are the largest sales on SPM probe in China.


Fourthly, we offer customized service of micro-nano measurement and fabrication
We use UV-lithography, interference lithography, E-beam lithography and Nanoimprint to make some micro-nano customized structure.


Fifthly, we offer some auxiliary devices for Micro-nano instrument
Active Vibration Isolation Tabletop and optical microscope for SPM, EDS for SEM, ultramicrotome for TEM and so on.


All of our customers are from the field of micro and nano. If it also happens that your company has a plan of expanding the markets to China this year, please do not hesitate to contact us for possible cooperation. We hope that we could have a perfect cooperation in the future!

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